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Steam Trading Cards
Steam Trading Cards
Selling spare trading cards for money to pay for more Steam games

Browser extensions and apps


  1. Visit your Steam inventory
  1. Open any booster packs received (your drop rate will increase, the higher your level)
  1. Complete remaining card drops using Idle Daddy
  1. [Optional] Click View badge progress on a card > Buy remaining cards on the Market to see how much it would cost to complete the set. Personally, if it is less than A$0.20 and it's during a Steam sale, I'll try to complete it to craft a badge, earn XP and gain one event trading card. You can either click PLACE ORDER to buy the remaining cards immediately or click Search the market and place a Buy order at a cheaper price.
  1. Once you have determined which card sets you would like to complete and which card sets you would like to sell, select the cards you want to sell and click Sell x Items. Steam Economy Enhancer will automatically determine the best price to sell your items. You can also sell unwanted profile backgrounds or emoticons you may have gotten when crafting badges.
  1. Confirm these sales in the Steam mobile app in the Confirmation tab
  1. Visit the Community Market and Steam Economy Enhancer will automatically scan your sell listings for any overpriced listings. You can then relist these overpriced listings.
  1. Rinse and repeat.

During Steam Summer/Winter sales

  • Complete your Discovery Queue daily to receive one event trading card
  • Gain one event trading card for every $10 spent in the Steam store
  • Craft badges during Steam sales to receive one event trading card

Benefits of levelling up

  • Increases booster pack drop rate. Hopefully, in the long run, the cost of buying cards to complete card sets is less than the money gained from selling cards from booster packs.

Don't know what to spend your points on in the Point Shop?


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