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My Crypto Adventures
My Crypto Adventures
This page is a work in progress
Always DYOR or you could end up like this person. Not financial advice.


Signing up for exchanges when there is a sign-up bonus is a good way to try them out. You can always withdraw your coins either to another wallet or sell them for fiat (AUD) if you don’t want to keep your coins on the exchange.
People say Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins but you can spread the risk by not keeping all your coins on one exchange. Keeping coins on an exchange makes it easier to sell when you want. It’s a little harder if your coins are in cold storage.


CoinSpot is Australian-based and an easy-to-use exchange to start out with. Depositing AUD is instant with PayID and buying crypto from the main page (Instant Buy & Sell) is simple (1% fee). However, if you head over to the Markets tab, you can trade (buy and/or sell) a select number of coins directly with other CoinSpot users for only 0.1% fee. Withdrawing AUD to a bank account is also free and easy.
The mobile app needs a bit of work. They’ve recently added biometric authentication so you don’t have you enter your 2FA code every time you open the app, but it’s still crashing constantly for me. I usually access the website through a browser.
Use my CoinSpot referral link for $10 in Bitcoin (I also get $10).


I don’t personally use Coinbase to buy or sell. I only have an account to collect free coins from Coinbase Earn. Doing all the quizzes adds up because those coins are now worth hundreds. ✌️
Use my Coinbase referral link for $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 of crypto (I also get $10).


I signed up to Celsius to take advantage of a few promo offers. TBC
Use my Celsius referral link for $30 in Bitcoin when you deposit $200 of crypto (I also get $30). App

I had been seeing ads for on social media. TBC
Use my App referral link for $25 when you stake 5000 CRO coin for a card (I also get $25). “Stake” or “Staking” means the holding of CRO in your wallet for a period of 6 months. Card

I signed up for the Royal Indigo/Jade Green tier card when the staking requirement was 25,000 CRO instead of 50,000 CRO. While you stake your CRO, you’ll receive staking rewards in CRO. As long as you are staking CRO, you’ll receive the card benefits for that tier. You can upgrade tiers at any time by staking more CRO, you’ll have to pay a shipping fee for the card. If you decide to stop staking at the end of the 6-month staking period, you’ll retain the card but lose most of the benefits.
Worthwhile benefits at 50,000 CRO tier:
  • 3% cashback in CRO on most purchases
  • Free Spotify up to US$12.99 per month (requires Singaporean account)
  • Free Netflix up to US$13.99 a month
  • Free LoungeKey
Topping up the card:
The card acts like a debit card and requires topping up in SGD. The cheapest method I’ve found so far is to:
  1. Deposit AUD to Revolut (minimum $25) using my debit card (I use Up)
  1. Convert AUD to SGD
  1. Top up using virtual/physical Revolut card in the app (minimum $20)
Use my Up referral link for up to $15 (I also get up to $15).
Use my Revolut referral link (I get $20 when you request a physical card ($10 delivery fee) and make 3 purchases with the card). Exchange

I found out that Exchange was different to the app. Luckily, I could register again using a referral code. TBC
Use my Exchange referral link for $10 when you stake CRO (I also get $10).


Use my BlockFi referral link for US$10 in Bitcoin when you deposit US$100 and maintain that balance for at least 30 days (I also get $10). Referral bonuses change regularly (check OzBargain for the latest offer).


Use my Binance referral link for 10% of your fees (I also get 10%).


I heard FTX covers withdrawal fees which would be useful to get past high gas prices. I bought BUSD in Binance using AUD, bought the coin I wanted using BUSD, then transferred the coin out.


I signed up for KuCoin because they offered DFI which I couldn’t find offered on my existing exchanges. TBC
Use my KuCoin referral link for a mystery gift.




Cake DeFi

Promising so far. I signed up using a referral link, transferred US$50 worth of crypto in and my bonus DFI coins appeared in my account. Although the bonus DFI are locked up in the Confectionary program for 180 days, they will still be earning staking rewards during this time. I may look into liquidity mining to earn rewards but this requires depositing DFI (available for purchase on KuCoin). TBC
Use my referral link for $30 in DeFiChain (DFI) coin when you deposit US$50 in crypto (I get $10). DeFi Wallet


Portfolio tracking








See my post on crypto taxes.


See my post on crypto mining.

Words of wisdom

  • Only invest what you’re willing to lose
  • "If it’s good enough to screenshot, it’s good enough to sell."
  • "Nobody ever went broke taking profit."
  • Be wary of pump and dump schemes. If a coin is rising quickly, you may be tempted to FOMO in. It’s unlikely you’ll be quick enough to beat the organisers who have already accumulated coins beforehand.
  • It’s a good idea to enable 2FA and other security settings
  • Watch out for fees and/or surcharges if you decide to buy crypto using credit card. Some cards will block crypto purchases or treat it as a cash advance with high interest rates. Debit cards and PayID are safer options.
  • Watch out for high gas prices when transferring coins on the Ethereum blockchain

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