Referrals and sign-up bonuses

  • Adding your referral links to your OzBargain Referral Settings—I get a nice surprise every so often
    • Referral links get randomly shown underneath deals for a particular store or website
    • There is a greater chance that your link will be shown if you enter your code before others
    • Subscribe to this forum discussion to find out what new referrals have been added
    • Sometimes the referral codes on the page expire so add them back as soon as you get a notification. You can also turn on email notifications to get notified ASAP.
  • Signing up for referral deals and/or sign up bonuses found on OzBargain. This can be especially profitable e.g.
    • US$5 worth of free Bitcoin in 2015 would be worth over A$1000 today (I sold mine at x3 for Steam games)
  • Doing the quizzes on CoinBase to earn altcoins. These coins you earn would be considered income and need to be declared in your tax return.


  • Entering competitions posted on OzBargain
    • I’ve won hundreds of competitions by entering them when I’m bored. They don’t take too long with autofill.
    • Have a separate email for competitions. If you use a Gmail address, set up inbox categories for Primary, Promotions and Updates. Winning emails usually show up in the Primary inbox.
    • I’ve found it easier to win competitions that are Instant Win or those requiring a purchase
    • Read the terms and conditions carefully. Some require purchases in separate transactions or only certain items at certain stores. There could also be limits on how often you can enter or how the winners are decided.
    • Take photos of receipts in case you win a second-chance draw and they require proof of purchase.
    • Check the Winners page to see what kind of competitions have been won as you’ll have a greater chance of winning those as well in the future
      • If there are any active Instant Win competitions, you could still enter those as well
    • If you’re short on time, check out the Top Competitions and New Competitions to see if there are any worthwhile comps to enter
    • Subscribe to stores that have had a lot of winners in the past and you’ll receive an alert when a new competition is posted
    • Movie tickets are generally easy to win
    • No. of Words or Less can be profitable if you’re good at them. You generally need to write something that will stand out among the other entries (i.e. a sob story).
    • Gleam comps with thousands of entries are pretty hard to win (I still enter them anyway)


  • Use CashRewards and/or Shopback
  • I have accumulated over $1000 of cashback rewards
    • Name
  • Install the browser extension (I have both installed) to get notified when there is cashback available (and never forget again). Double-check if your purchase has been tracked on the website though, because the extension has failed me once.
  • Keep an eye out for bonus offers on OzBargain or your email inbox
  • I regularly withdraw $10 (the minimum withdrawal amount) when it is reached, to my bank account or PayPal

Real life

  • Sell cans for 10c each