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Crypto Mining
Crypto Mining
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Getting Started

  • PC with graphics card (check the profitability to see if it’s worth mining)
I used NiceHash to install the program on my PC and get started within minutes. The program run benchmarks to determine which algorithm to use and selects the most profitable one at the time. Regardless of the algorithm, NiceHash pays mining rewards in Bitcoin.


I downloaded the NiceHash app on my phone to be able to quickly check the current profitability as well as wallet balance and current status of my device. The profitability varies throughout the day depending on the demand.
If the profitability is extremely lower than usual, then you should check your device.
I use a TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug to monitor electricity usage. I take note of the usage for my machine in the Kasa app and use it to calculate electricity costs to determine if it’s worth mining. After electricity costs, I still make at least A$10 a day with my RTX 3090 GPU and more on good days.

Using NiceHash QuickMiner

Use the new tool by NiceHash to automatically OC your GPU to get the best profitability.

Withdrawing profits

The easiest and cheapest way to withdraw is through Coinbase. You can directly connect your Coinbase account.

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