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3D Printing Setup
3D Printing Setup

Getting started

What you need
  • Creality Ender 3 V2
  • Filament
Nice to have
  • Spring upgrade
  • Hair spray
  • Storage box

Assembling it

Calibrating the bed

  1. Insert microSD card into computer
  1. Download Ender 3 Level Test (Ender3_Level_Calibration_v2.gcode) and save to microSD card
  1. Insert microSD card into 3D printer
  1. Select file
  1. Adjust the levelling knobs as per the instructions on the Ender 3 Level Test page
Stick the GCODE on the SD card and have a sheet of paper ready. The GCODE will stop at each corner, pausing so you can adjust the leveling knobs. Push the button on the printer after testing each corner (the printer says something like "waiting for user") to go on to the next corner. After stopping at each corner twice, it will print several skirts around the bed (you can continue to adjust height as needed as the skirts print), then a disc in each corner and a disc in the middle to check adhesion.
If the surface is rough, lower that corner and if it's not sticking at all or you see gaps between the lines, then raise that corner slightly.

Finding 3D printing files

Preparing 3D printing files

  1. Download Cura
  1. Create a Cura profile using recommended settings
  1. Find an STL file and open in Cura
  1. Insert microSD card into computer
  1. Click Slice and export to microSD card

Tips to improve prints

  • Coat the bed with a thin layer of hair spray to improve adhesion (shake the can adequately before using)

What's next


For sending prints over WiFi and various other things

What I used

  • Raspberry Pi 4
  • 32GB MicroSD card
  • Short MicroUSB cable to connect RPi to printer
  • USB-C cable to power RPi (connected to USB power)

OctoPrint Plugins

Cura Plugins

  • OctoPrint

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